Welcome Home

So this my website I set up. Hi, Hello, Hallo, Kon’nichiwa, Nǐ hǎo

I’m still thinking about a logo. If anyone has any suggestions, shoot me a message ?

Nine times out of ten the blog posts will be about EDM/Dance music with my go-to DJs being Avicii (RIP) & Kygo to name only a couple. But every now and again it may be about… how do I put this, punk/emo/rock from my teenage years like Good Charlotte, Offspring, Blink 182, and every now and again if I’m proper stressed out, harder stuff like DragonForce, Nightwish, Marilyn Manson, etc..

I also write blog posts on UruTunes.com, and my friend (who also runs the site) mentioned to me I should create a new website with my ramblerlings. So here we are!

This site is basically going to be me putting blog posts about DJs and artists I enjoy and possibly random videos I’m enjoying at that moment (Oh, that reminds me of that crab vid/song). I also stream every now and again on my streaming page

I’m not going to set in stone how often I’m going to update the blog post but I’m aiming for a weekly does of my ramberlings

If you have any questions for me, or you just want to shoot me a message, give me a shout. I will be more then happy to converse with you.

Maude x